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What is a Cake Smash?

What is Cake Smash, what is this new trend all about, where can i get it done? how much does it cost?

Cake Smash originally started to trend in the U.S before becoming popular in Australia, the idea come from kids smashing their cakes for their first Birthday, which is quite typical for a kid to do when growing up! We are My Sydney Photographer, one of their largest suppliers of Cake Smash Photography n Sydney, with our packages starting from $250 which include you cake, studio, 20 images on CD & a large collage frame for your finished product.

If you are thinking of booking a Cake Smash session or would like to know a little bit more about the experience, then here are all of your answers:

1. Cake Smash photography is aimed at children usually for, or around, their first Birthday, but is not exclusive. The finished product can be displayed at the child’s Birthday party and pictures from the Cake Smash session can be used for the invitations as well.


2. In order to do a Cake Smash session, the most important element that you need is a Cake, we use a giant cupcake, made of sponge, which is light and easy to break apart, the icing, is also very important as this is what creates the mess! be mindful not to use too many colours for your cake decoration as this can turn into dark brown as they mix together as the cake is smashed.

Have a bath ready, baby wipes or use a laundry basket and fill it with water, once the session has finished you will want to clean your baby, we use different colour laundry baskets to match the colour of the cake smash.


A cute outfit is also good to keep in mind for the cake smash, some of our clients like to have their baby fully clothed and some with their tops off or just in their nappy pants, it is entirely up to you, we prefer less clothes so that their is more surface area to smear the icing.


Be prepared to get involved, we like to think that ever baby is going to love their cake smash session and sit there nicely eating cake, making a mess and throwing cake around everywhere, but this is not always the case, typically at home this is what i would expect my child to do, but once it is all set up the child does not always take to it straight away.



We are proud to say  that we always get great a great finished product, but we do encourage the child, smash the cake for them and even help smear cake on to the child. Each child is different, having down nearly 200 cake smash sessions with My Sydney Photographer, we have had a great amount of experience in this field of photography, each child is different and we approach is cake smash session to suit their needs.


We love Cake smash photography and we know you will too, we would be happy to answer all of your questions on cake smash photography, so send us an email to or call us on 0401709365